A brief record of thoughts, written down as an aid to memorize

Organizing Unstructured Data

on 2019-08-21 in note about cs programming ~4 min read

Managing data complexity using types, structures, ADTs, and objects

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Number Classification

on 2019-08-16 in note about math cs ~2 min read

All number categories, from Complex to Counting

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Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP)

on 2019-07-22 in note about cs programming ai ~2 min read

A mathematical question that is defined by variables, domains, and constraints

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Maslow's hierarchy of needs

on 2019-06-15 in note about psychology mindmap ~1 min read

This theory describes the stages of growth in humans

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Structured Programming Paradigm

on 2019-06-12 in note about cs programming mindmap ~1 min read

What can cause too much use of "goto statements"

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on 2019-06-10 in note about learning mindmap ~1 min read

A reading comprehension method

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