Notes about Systems and Software Engineering

Notes in the form of mindmaps

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Computer Science vs Information Technology

on 2019-12-20 in note about cs it mindmap ~2 min read

Differences between two computer-related studies

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Who is an engineer

on 2019-12-19 in note about mindmap ~1 min read

What's the crucial difference between engineers and scientists

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Algorithm is...

on 2019-12-15 in note about cs mindmap ~2 min read

Common properties of algorithms

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Turing: thesis, machine, completeness

on 2019-12-15 in note about cs mindmap ~1 min read

A formal system in the computability theory

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Organizing Unstructured Data

on 2019-08-21 in note about cs programming ~4 min read

Managing data complexity using types, structures, ADTs, and objects

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Number Classification

on 2019-08-16 in note about math cs ~2 min read

All number categories, from Complex to Counting

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An example of using the Constraint Programming for calculating multiple but linked results

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Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP)

on 2019-07-22 in note about cs programming ai ~2 min read

A mathematical question that is defined by variables, domains, and constraints

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How to remove a webpage from the Google index

on 2019-07-18 in howto about it web html ~3 min read

The approach for removing outdated or deleted content from Google search results

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