About me and my blog

A brief overview of my professional interests and what you can find in this blog

I have a wide range of skills in Computer Networks, Unix/Linux Operating Systems and Programming. In the recent years, I have been interested in Programming, Distributed Systems, Clouds, Networks, and Virtualization.

My career began as a Computer Systems Engineer in 2004. Since then, I worked for small, medium and large companies in Ukraine, Poland, and Germany. I was designing, building and maintaining computer networks, distributed infrastructures, and platforms for running high-available applications. In 2020, my family and I moved to the US.

In this technical blog I'm going to share my knowledge and write mostly about:

  • Automation and Programming
  • Networks and Systems Engineering
  • Clouds (Infrastructure and Platform layers)
  • Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting
  • ... and many, many other aspects of Systems and Software Engineering

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