About me and my blog

A brief overview of my life path and a professional career

I was born in Kiev, on a territory of UkrSSR, which later became an independent country. I lived in Ukraine for more than 30 years. When I was 12, I began learning programming in Sphere. Last 2 grades of an elementary school I was taking extra programming classes and got a certificate of assistant-programmer. First years at a high school, I got realy interested in administering a FidoNet node and digging into the Internet. I graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine and got a Masters Degree in Radio and Television Engineering. In the last year at the university I applied to a Computer Academy Step and 2 years studied Computer Networks and Systems Engineering.

My career as a Computer Systems Engineer began in 2004. Since then, I worked in various fields, such as retail companies (Karavan, Fozzy Group) and internet service providers (Telesystems of Ukraine, Bramatelecom) in Ukraine, an IT consulting company (SoftServe) in Poland, an e-commerce company (ZooPlus) and american multinational technology company (IBM) in Germany. I was designing, building and maintaining computer networks, distributed infrastructures, and platforms for running high-available applications. In 2020, my family and I moved to the US and I was hired by Google.